The Bible college experience is more than just classrooms and studying. It is meeting new people, interacting with pastors and professors, and fellowshipping with church members and fellow students. Students will make lifetime friends and may even find God’s choice for their future spouse. Because of the importance of these out-of-classroom experiences to students’ spiritual and social development, FBC has designed programs and facilities to promote structured social interaction. Most importantly, students’ social lives revolve around the ministries and activities of West Gate Baptist Church. Off-campus sporting activities, sightseeing trips, and other special events enrich the college experience by encouraging social contact in both formal and informal settings.


Florida Baptist College desires to maintain a spiritual atmosphere on campus that promotes holy living among our faculty and students. Students are required to attend church and chapel services where they can be challenged to have a closer walk with the Lord. Students are reminded that they cannot do the work of God without having a consistent daily devotional time.

The College Administration and Faculty desire to impact students by mentoring them individually and in small group settings.


Weekly chapel services are designed to challenge and motivate our students to maintain a close walk with the Lord and to wholeheartedly serve Him. Students are exposed to the preaching and godly influence of veteran pastors and missionaries who are regular guest preachers in chapel services. Additionally, students are blessed to hear preaching by Pastor George Pirt, as well as other FBC faculty members and adjunct professors who fill the pulpit on regular occasions.


Students have the opportunity to see the local church in action on a weekly basis. From the opening prayer to the invitation, the church services at West Gate Baptist Church emphasize the importance of proper worship and are one of the most valuable training tools at Florida Baptist College. Revivals, special meetings, and many other great events are held annually to encourage church members and expose them to great men of God who have been greatly used in the work of the ministry. Students are required to attend all services of West Gate Baptist Church during their years at Florida Baptist College. Under certain circumstances, students may receive permission from the administration to attend a like-minded, Independent Baptist church. Students attending other churches are expected to be faithful to the services of that church.


The Bible clearly identifies godly music as a vital aspect of every Christian’s personal walk with the Lord. For this reason, students are given many opportunities in the college setting to serve the Lord in song and to develop their musical skills. Students at Florida Baptist College also have the privilege of being a part of the vibrant and Christ-honoring music program of West Gate Baptist Church. Students have opportunities to sing specials in chapel services and in West Gate Baptist Church services.

Students who are more serious about developing their musical talents for Christian service may have an opportunity to be a part of a traveling tour group. Music Education majors may also be given practical training and involvement in developing seasonal church musicals. Students with instrumental skills can use their talents in chapel services, for offertories, and in the orchestra at West Gate Baptist Church.

It is the sincere desire of Florida Baptist College to teach students a biblical philosophy of music and give them practical opportunities to develop their musical abilities for a future ministry in a local church.


Students apply the principles taught in the classroom by serving the Lord in the ministry of West Gate Baptist Church.  This practical experience includes weekly soul-winning opportunities, Sunday School classes, junior church, bus routes, and Adventure Club. Mature Christians, who can share life experiences and help train students in the ministry, mentor students. Juniors and seniors who attend other churches may fulfill their Christian service requirements in the churches they attend.


Florida Baptist College believes that the Bible is relevant to every aspect of a Christian’s life including personal dress and appearance. The overriding Biblical principles concerning dress and appearance are modesty, distinction between the sexes, and doing all things to the honor and glory of God. Students are expected to model these Biblical principles and to conform to the dress and appearance guidelines of the Student Handbook.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christ-honoring manner with a good spirit. Students must read and comply with the College’s rules and the Biblical standards of separation set forth in the Student Handbook. Students are accountable for their testimony in the community and at their place of employment. They are ambassadors of Christ and representatives of West Gate Baptist Church and Florida Baptist College everywhere they go.


In addition to imparting Biblical knowledge, Florida Baptist College desires to train students to consistently demonstrate a servant’s heart, a spirit of humility, and self-discipline.  As with any good disciplinary system, the goal of Florida Baptist College’s disciplinary system is the student’s internalization of the Biblical principle enforced through the discipline. Students are reminded that attendance at Florida Baptist College is a privilege and not a right.  Students who do not meet the standards of expected student conduct are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.


The Apostle Paul encouraged the unmarried to use the time they are single to focus on serving the Lord and maintaining a close relationship with Him. Similarly, Florida Baptist College encourages students to focus their time on their ministry, studies, and work. Students must honor each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and keep their relationships pure and wholesome.

Students are encouraged to spend time together in group activities where the true character of a person may be evaluated rather than in the artificial atmosphere of recreational dating relationships. We believe that students should not become engaged without obtaining the approval of their parents and counsel from their home pastor and the College Administration. The Apostle Paul also warned the unmarried that marriage adds an entirely new set of “cares” that may interfere with the Lord’s work. For this reason, FBC discourages students from marrying before graduation. Students should not marry during the school year.


Florida Baptist College students enjoy a good reputation among local businesses. There are numerous opportunities for employment available for the student who diligently seeks after the job the Lord has for him.

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